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flyer2.jpgI found this on the ground as we were taking down the Republican Party booth after the Columbus Days celebration. After weeks of campaigning, I hoped this card might finally give me some insight as to what my opponent’s plans are for the future of Kansas.


The first question posed is "What Is Brian Going To Do?" That certainly is a question I have, and I’m sure many of my constituents would like to know as well. Reading on, the flyer says he is “…committed to protecting our children's future through education…”  Okay, but how? What steps will he implement to protect our children’s future?  Well, maybe the answer was further down, so I continued to read.


Next, the card states he is “…determined to improve job creation and business opportunities in Southeast Kansas.” Great! But HOW does he intend to make that happen? Again, no specifics were given. An old Wendy’s commercial comes to mind. “Where’s The Beef?” Frustrated by the lack of any substance, I knew we were just hours away from our first public forum.  Surely I would get some answers there.


During the debate, all in attendance learned a little bit about my opponent.  Mr. Caswell did a lot of talking. I believe it is fair to say that we all left the debate knowing four things about Mr. Caswell’s plans should he be elected as our representative:


1. Mr. Caswell clings tightly to the false statement that education has been deeply cut.  Despite the facts presented, my opponent wants to increase funding to schools beyond the current record rate. The question posed during the debate was… how?  His response… “businesses in Kansas need to start paying their FAIR SHARE.” That is his fix.  Tax the small businesses that are crucial to the livelihood of our district.


2. When it comes to the topic of job creation, Mr. Caswell and I agree that we need to attract new businesses into the area.  Our solutions are however very different.  How does Mr. Caswell intend to invite new business to District 1? Well, he wants to reinstate the corporate tax on small businesses.  He wants to halt the successful tax policies that encourage businesses to move into Kansas.  He wants an economic climate that requires even the smallest of job creators to “pay their fair share.”


3. Addressing the landfill was interesting to say the least.  Mr. Caswell mentioned that a member of the landfill group suggested that we (Mr. Caswell and I) should come up with a specific plan on how we will combat the landfill. What is his plan? Well, I’m still not sure.  He succeeded in misinterpreting the state statutes concerning Island Annexation, falsely suggested that the commissioners or I could have possibly stopped the landfill, and attempted to belittle the bill I have created to combat the abuse of Island Annexation.


4. Though this topic did not come up until the closing statement, I found it enlightening that it was a main motivator for my opponent’s candidacy. The topic was Medicare.  Mr. Caswell wants to make policy concerning a program that directly benefits his private business, as well as those who so kindly nominated him as Kansas Pharmacist of the Year just weeks away from his election. Nonetheless, Medicare reform is one of his priorities.


As I had already anticipated, we were very different indeed.  You may ask, what are your plans Representative Houser?  Please allow me to share my plans with you here.


Education: Funding for our children’s education has increased every year since I was elected. I will never vote decrease it. The amount for year 2014-2015 is $6.15 billion; over $13,200 per pupil. Right now, sixty four cents out of every dollar in the Kansas Budget goes into K-12 and higher education. Teacher salaries are increasing, and more teachers are being hired across the state. Teacher pensions are being funded for the first time in decades, and I will fight to continue that practice. Local school boards are able to make decisions based on local needs. I will continue to advocate for allowing decisions about our children's education to be made by those who know our districts best - the administration, teachers, and elected school boards.


Job Creation and the Economy:  We cannot tax our way into prosperity! We need more tax payers, not more taxes.  In order to get more tax payers, we need to provide opportunities for employment.  I will fight to keep the corporate tax on small businesses at ZERO!  I will continue to educate our communities on the benefits of the Rural Opportunity Zone designation I secured for our district. I will support the continued lowering of income tax because I believe you know how to spend your money more wisely than the government does!  I will also be a strong voice for District 1 when the decisions are being made about placement of a casino.  If a casino is built in Cherokee County, we will all benefit in the form of funding to schools, money in the county coffers, and most importantly JOBS!! Because of policies I helped to implement, the unemployment rate in Cherokee County is 4.9%! We have created over 58,000 private sector jobs across the state in the last 4 years.  We are finally moving in the right direction again, but we still have work to do!


Landfill:  As you may know, I have drafted a bill to combat the abuses of island annexation.  I have visited with legislative colleagues and Governor Brownback about supporting this legislation, and possibly even making it retroactive to specifically combat any actions taken prior to the bill passing. The prospects of it becoming law are very encouraging! My bill is a work in progress. We are constantly looking at the language to insure we have all the bases covered when it is introduced. I have signed the petition in support of seating a grand jury, as I believe transparency in government is a must! I have proven myself as a “doer” on this issue.  I am no stranger to the folks at KDHE, and I intend to keep it that way.


Medicare: We all want the very best for our seniors. My perspective is a bit different than my opponent’s.  I do not stand to benefit financially from legislation concerning this issue; therefore, I can make decisions with a clear and open mind.  I will not have a knee-jerk reaction to the federal government dangling millions of temporary dollars in our face in exchange for expansion.  Experience shows that all federal money is temporary and comes with strings attached.  I will not leave Kansans to fill a void left by the federal government.  We take care of our seniors in Kansas, and I will continue to make responsible decisions where their needs are concerned. 


There is a clear difference between me and my opponent. I believe the people of District One know best how to spend their own money.  They are the best decision makers for their schools.  The people of District 1 are hard workers, with good morals and a desire to see Southeast Kansas prosper.  I have worked hard for the past 2 years to get the train back on the tracks and headed in the right direction. We can’t stop now!  Let’s work together to get the job done!  

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commented 2015-02-05 19:25:04 -0600 · Flag
You stated you signed the Grand Jury petition because you believe in transparency in government but did you read the entire petition? Did you realize that your constituents in Galena did not know what was on the petition before the judge sealed it? Transparency should be a two way street. Is transparency the real reason you signed the petition?
commented 2014-10-13 18:14:02 -0500 · Flag
And the best Job Magnet for Kansas sir is your continued support for the Kansas Fair Tax model. You know the more government manipulates to influence the free market the more corruption is wrought. And thank you for advocating for run off election protocol when no majority tally is attained in a multiple candidate race with an incumbent or otherwise. You are an inspiration in how you stand on principles of liberty and freedom sir!!!

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