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dem_party_lies.jpgA friend showed me this mailer today. I am sure some of you got the same piece in your mailbox too. I can’t understand the opposing camp. Either they do not know how to read a bill or they are deliberately trying to deceive Kansas voters. I back up what I tell you with facts and links to those facts so you can verify them yourself. They don’t. They count on you to be an uninformed voter. They make wild accusations aimed at scaring our senior citizens and vets into supporting them through fear. We are not going to dismantle Medicare, and I have not turned my back on our veterans.

The bill they claim will dismantle Medicare is HB 2553, The Health Care Compact bill. The Health Care Compact is not about Medicare – it is about protecting Kansas citizens from the negative effects of Obamacare.  Medicare as Americans have known it for the past many years is changing and I am truly concerned for the future wellbeing of our senior citizens in Kansas. No matter what political philosophy a person adheres to, it is a fact that because of Obamacare, the federal government will reduce Medicare funding by $700 billion over the next ten years. There is no denying that Medicare reimbursement rates to Doctors and Hospitals are being significantly reduced thanks to regulations put forth by Obamacare.

I have never been a supporter of Obamacare. The Healthcare Compact, when given approval by the US Congress, will give Kansans an alternative to federally mandated healthcare. Those who oppose the Health Care Compact are trying to create fear among senior citizens when they themselves know full well that the exact details of the Health Care Compact have yet to be decided because it is a compact between states and has yet to be written. Once again, the Democratic Party has resorted to using the oldest play in the book….. scaring seniors into voting their way. Don’t be fooled. No matter what you think about the Health Care Compact, I assure you; I have no intentions or desire to reduce the quality of healthcare provided to KS senior citizens.

280783_247152411977052_1142940_o.jpg I would never turn my back on our veterans. My father, David Houser, proudly served in the US  Air Force, and several other family members and personal friends are veterans as well. These  men and women put their lives on the line to protect our liberties here at home. I hold each and  every one in the highest esteem. I have a voting record which disproves these claims. Here are  just a few veteran related bills I voted in favor of during my first term and links to each one.

 HB2030 – Creating deer hunting permits for injured combat veterans

 HB2078 - Authorizing certain licensing boards to accept education, training or experience  completed in the military towards licensure in this state.

 HB2135 – Property tax exemption, military housing

 Substitute for HB 2681 - Abolishing the Kansas commission on veterans affairs; creating the  Kansas commission on veterans affairs office within the executive branch of government

 HCR3051 - Urging Congress to provide for the prompt payment of disability compensation to  U.S. Veterans.

 Once again, I prove the claims of the opposition false. There are only two ways to look at their falsehoods. The opposition is either totally inept, or they are deliberately trying to deceive you to gain your support. I have nothing to hide and encourage you to look at the entire voting record of my first term. I take this office very seriously and thank you for letting me serve you the last two years.

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