Creating Jobs. Creating Opportunity.

In past decades, our tax and regulatory burdens made Kansas noncompetitive, driving businesses, jobs and families across the state line to find new opportunities. I worked hard to help turn that around here at home. In my first term as your State Representative, I managed to do what others failed to accomplish over decades in office. I am proud to say that I fought hard and brought home a minimum of a $50 million business investment into SE Kansas. With that investment will come hundreds of new jobs, increased tourism dollars into our communities, and more tax revenues going to our local and state governments.

 In addition, I sponsored and was instrumental in getting legislation passed into law that added Cherokee County along with others to the list of Rural Opportunity Zones. This will encourage people who live out of state to move into SE Kansas by exempting them from state income taxes for five years. They will pay sales and property taxes which will benefit the local communities. As I said over and over during my 2012 campaign, “We don’t need higher taxes. We need more taxpayers!” That still holds true today and as long as I am in office I will work towards that goal. I made the promise to do everything I could to bring economic growth and jobs to the area. I am happy to say I delivered on that promise. The combined result of these two bills should bring some long needed economic development, complete with jobs, into the district.


 Smarter, Efficient Government.

During my first term as your state representative, I had the honor of serving on the Transportation and Public Safety Budget Committee. We looked at the budget requests of agencies such as KDOT, Kansas Highway Patrol, Kansas Dept of Corrections, and the Kansas Bureau of Investigations. We worked together with these agencies to find more efficient ways of providing their services and cutting wasteful spending of your tax dollars.  Working together, we managed to save Kansas taxpayers approximately $11-12 million over the 2013 – 2014 sessions while protecting our highway funding. We also made it a priority to help retain our highly trained public servants by securing pay raises for correctional officers, Highway Patrol members, and KBI forensic scientists.


 Bringing Business Back To Kansas.

Another committee I am assigned to is the Commerce, Labor and Economic Development Committee. This committee deals with business and labor issues within the state. I am proud to be a part of this committee as we helped pass into law several bills that will encourage businesses to come to Kansas. HB2105 is one example. This law will save millions of dollars for some 44,000 Kansas businesses, allowing them the opportunity to hire more people and expand their business. We also made some changes to the Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK) program which expanded some of its limits. This program provides incentives for a business to choose to move to Kansas, and can also be used to provide reasons not to leave the state. We currently have one business in Cherokee County that participates in this program.


 Our Bill of Rights.

I am a strong believer in the rights spelled out in our Constitution, and realize that those rights are absolute and God given to every man, woman, and child. As a member of the Federal and State Affairs Committee, I have opportunity to stand up for those rights by offering up legislation. My freshman year we passed The Second Amendment Protection Act. This law carries some of the strongest language in an anti-gun control bill in the nation today. I am proud to say that I successfully added an amendment to this bill which clarified the wording and protects local law enforcement while they are performing their lawful duties. I also sponsored a bill which would have protected all Kansas citizens from unlawful denial of our right to due process including indefinite detention, had it been passed into law. I hold our liberties dear to my heart and will fight for all of them and the sovereignty of our great state as long as I hold this office.


Pro Life.

I believe that life can be defined as starting when a heartbeat is detected. I have sponsored Heartbeat Legislation in the past and will continue to do so in the future. If the end of one’s life is determined by the lack of a heartbeat, I find it only befitting and logical that life starts with one.

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