It's Fair Time in Cherokee County America!

It's been a couple of days since I wrote my last blog, but I have a good excuse. I've been busy participating in one of life's simpler pleasures.... The Annual County Fair and Reunion. God has given us another year to celebrate life, family, friendship, and the end of the summer vacations. I love calling Kansas my home, and living in a small rural community is what I consider to be my biggest blessing. Where else can you go to see all the 4-H livestock and other various projects? We are blessed to have such an active 4-H organization here in the county. These kids learn some of life's most valuable lessons at an early age and will grow up to be outstanding adults one day. 4-H brings out the character in a person. I feel sorry for kids in the metro areas that will never have been able to take part in such things.


Another tradition at the fair is the Girl Scout House, famous for feeding thousands upon thousands of hungry fair goers for at least four decades that I know of. I have had the honor of working with the girls and their sponsors. Those people know what hard work and dedication mean! for the last few years I have been helping in the kitchen, but I think I got promoted (at least I think it was a promotion.... those brownie sundaes are a pain to make. lol) to Ice Cream slash Pie Man. A position that really tests ones will power, let me tell you. I love working with those girls, they are girl scouts and they are amazing. Thanks for letting me help again.


Did you catch the reunion part earlier? That is one of my most favorite parts. People from all over come to the fair. You might see an old friend from your childhood that has moved away, and you get to catch up on each others lives and reminisce about old times. You'll always see your family, aunts and uncles, cousins, whatever. It's just a great opportunity to to get together and have a good fun filled time of fellowship for a while. And there you have it; the reason I've been a little slow to blog lately. I'm sorry, but I was busy having a really good time. God bless you all and maybe I'll see you at the fair!

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