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 My name is Mike Houser. I am currently serving as your State Representative in the first district. I have decided to run for the office again this year because I feel there is still much to be done. The future of South East Kansas is unwritten. We have many challenges to face in bringing industry and jobs back to our district. With your support, I would like to continue to be part of the change that brings prosperity back to our area through strong leadership.  In the past two years I have earned the respect and friendship of my fellow colleagues, and have good working relationships with them all. Most importantly, I managed to bring some economic legislation home that will help create new jobs, and encourage people tme2.jpgo become part of our communities.

   I have lived in Cherokee County since I was in the first grade, and live on land that has been in my family for 150 years.  I graduated from Columbus Unified High School in 1977. I chose not to go on to college, and have worked hard to earn a living using my hands and skills. I have been employed in the construction industry for over thirty five years now, having been a self-employed contractor for eight of those. I am currently employed by Crossland Construction as a project estimator, and have been in that position for seven years.

  Having been in the construction industry most of my life, I understand the importance of a solid foundation. Without one, the building will not be sound and eventually it will fall. The same holds true in all things. I believe the corner stone of our foundation as a people is the Bible, then add the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. Right alongside those belong limited government, sound economic policies, and quality education of our youth. Without any of those in our foundation, our endeavors will eventually fail.

  I believe in the power of the people to make their own decisions. I believe in free speech, and that you have the right to disagree with anything I say. I believe firearms have kept this nation free; therefore I uphold the second amendment and support various organizations which do the same. I believe in your rights to privacy, property, and your right to assemble; vowing to fight for all of them. I believe we should have an education system which is unequaled by any nation; one which will create the brightest minds possible, for without those, our hopes for the future look bleak.

  I am excited to announce that I have been endorsed by Kansans for Life, Kansas Farm Bureau, Kansas Bankers Association, Kansas Realtors® PAC, and The Kansas Chamber of Commerce. I have received an “A” rating from the NRA and The Kansas State Rifle Association. I have also been recognized by Americans for Prosperity Kansas as a Champion for the tax payer, and The Kansas Campaign for Liberty. I have strong conservative values, and will stand up for the small businesses in Kansas every time I can. I am a simple man, I believe common sense should be applied in government, I speak what is on my mind, and I do not pretend to be something that I am not. I am genuine, and want nothing but the best for our area and the people who choose to live here. This is my home and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


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