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Well, the primary elections have come and gone. The victors in yesterday's races are breathing a sigh of relief while the rest are wondering if they could have or should have done things differently. Not all of my favorite candidates won their race, but a few managed to make it to the general election. To the victors, I offer my congratulations and I wish you luck in November. To those of you whose race is over, I offer my praise and admiration for having the courage and wherewithal to have even ran in the first place. I know your hearts were in the right place and your motives were pure. Thank you for stepping up to the plate and daring to make a difference in the future of our state and nation. I salute you all and hope that your loss yesterday does not dampen your patriotic spirit or your desire to want better for our people. God bless you all.

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Mr Locke, regardless of party, I think the only way to determine the choice of the people in a 3 way race where the winner did not receive fifty percent of the vote is to have a run off election. Please see the blog I posted today on the matter. I have a bill being written which I plan to introduce next session.
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Please advocate at the statewide level that in our own Republican Primaries that if a simple majority us not attained by any candidate in the race then a Runoff Election between the top two vote getting candidates should take place.
The party pleads for unity after every Primary and the best method to accomplish that is a vote between only two candidates so that consensus can be officially quantified. Only then will fractious behavior become less apparent and the Republican Party can go into the General Election properly announced by consensus of the party voters. Willyou help pursue this Rep. Mike Houser?!?!?
Please help accomplish before our next Primary Election Cycle!!!
Jeffrey Locke
commented 2014-08-11 09:59:38 -0500 · Flag
I am in agreement with you on the topic of run off elections Mr. Locke. In the recent primary elections we had two races with four or more people running for the same office in each race. I would like to propose legislation that would require a run off if the winning candidate did not receive 50% of the vote. When an elected official resigns or needs to be replaced and the local party votes in a replacement, we follow run off election rules if there are more than two candidates. I find it logical that we would do the same in a primary election to truly represent the voices of all the voters.
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And please advocate for a new idea for Kansas but already being done in Oklahoma. I am speaking directly of Run Off Elections in statewide races like for Governor or Kansas Insurance Commissioner. Why? I am glad you asked! We have a problem when more that two people are running to win a Primary Election and the Kansas Insurance Commissioner Race is a perfect example. None of the candidates gained a majority vote of 50 percent plus one vote or more.
So we should have had a runoff between the top two candidates determined by their vote totals. To win the runoff a percentage above 50 would be the minimum necessary to win the race. This could also apply to the recent Senate Race in which Pat Robert’s only mustered up a 48 percent total. So a runoff would be necessary in that race under my belief. Only a majority percentage would win the runoff. 50 percent plus 1 vote would be the minimum necessary to claim the nomination to run in the General Election!!!

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